Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Our range of services regarding the wallbox are primarily aimed at homeowners and renters with their own parking space who are interested in innovative mobility solutions.
That depends on several different things. If you live in your own home, with your own electricity meter, garage or parking space, you meet the most important criteria. If, for example, you rent a property but have your own parking space, it is usually also possible to install a Wallbox. The best thing to do to find out is to get in touch – by email, via our hotline or your nearest automotive partner.
In principle, certainly, although the law states that everyone living in the multi-residence building must be in agreement. If, for example, at the annual owners’ meeting there is a vote on your plans, you must contact members who aren’t present, such as rental owners, and ask for their signature.

The feasibility of the installation also depends on the access to the electrical infrastructure at your parking space. During the home check, our installation partner will help by providing a professional assessment of your situation.
We want to make the connection between mobility and electricity as easy as possible for our customers in a bid to encourage them to opt for an electric vehicle and promote more sustainable mobility solutions.

Our Wallbox services are allowing us to expand the Volkswagen Group range: The brand offers electric vehicles at attractive prices with ever increasing range capabilities. Elli makes convenient and sustainable at-home charging a reality.

Did you know that Elli also offers renewable energy for your home? Use our Volkswagen Naturstrom® energy at home and drive CO₂-neutral with your electric vehicle. At the same time you support the expansion of renewable energy and preserve the environment. You can find more information online:

The wallbox is intended for electric vehicles of the European market and is delivered with the standardized AC plug connector for the European market (type 2).
Currently, the wallbox is oriented primarily toward end customers. In order to meet the requirements of our business customers better in the future as well, we are working on a calibration law-compliant solution.
Any electric vehicles featuring a Type 2 charging connector can be charged using our wallboxes. This connector type is the European standard for AC charging so that, as a rule, all wallbox variants are compatible with any European electric vehicles.

Installation & Configuration

To install your wallbox, work on your home's electrical system is necessary. Since this is dangerous, you are not allowed to install your wallbox yourself, but must hire someone who has permission to do the work according to local regulations. 
To make it extra easy, you can use our preferred installation partner. 
The installation service is only available in combination with our models.
We recommend you to be on site during the installation in order to receive the necessary introduction to the Wallbox and to allow a complete setup of the internet-enabled versions through your charging card. You will be required also to sign a commissioning report once the installation has been completed.
With our installation service we offer a complete professional service. This includes planning, installation and starting up of your Wallbox by a certified installation technician. 

Alternatively, you can find your own service provider. 

Please note: In principle, we will fix any faults of your Wallbox free of charge – but we can’t do that if they were caused by incorrect installation. Using our professional installation service is the best way to be on the safe side.
In short: Maximum comfort!

Once you make an appointment with our technical installation service, you don´t need to worry about anything.

Make an appointment with our installation partner - we will not only provide the necessary technical expertise but also the required materials such as safety switches and cables. In addition, we will find a suitable place for the installation of the wallbox together with you, and will carry out all the smaller constructional preparations. 

After we install your wallbox and start its operation, we will test it together with you with your electric vehicle. Only when current flows and the vehicle is charged without any problems, we will consider our job as completed. If you do not own an electric vehicle yet, we will test the function of the wallbox with the help of testing equipment.
Our service partner or the electrician you trust will give you a binding assessment on whether you fulfil the criteria after the Home Check. Note: The Home Check is included in the installation package and will only be offered by our installation partner when you ordered the package.
If you booked the installation package our employee will contact you within 2 working days after your order via phone or e-mail and arrange an appointment for the Home Check. As soon as everything is clarified our installation partner will arrange another appointment for the installation of the Wallbox with you. At that point it simply depends on your availability.
The standard installation package includes all labour costs, transport and small parts (such as screws, bolts, etc.), mounting and installation of the Wallbox itself, installation of residual current protection and cable protection, up to 15 m of cabling including cable ducts, and up to two wall opening points, if required. 

Beyond this, our installation partners also carry out all functional tests and inspections in accordance with local requirements, and they’ll take care of the packaging and waste for you. Our standard package is designed to cover the needs of most customers. If you require additional services, our installation partners will make an individual additional offer for you.
Our installation partner will provide an individual consultation during the home check appointment and review your individual circumstances at home.
If your home does not fulfil the criteria for the installation our partner will offer an individual installation package to you. This may result in extra costs.
The most convenient way is to simply order your installation service at the same time as buying your Wallbox. If you have booked our service, an employee will contact you. Alternatively, your contract partner can help you book our services.

Our employee will contact you within 2 working days after your order via phone or e-mail and arrange an appointment for the Home Check. As soon as everything is clarified our installation partner will arrange another appointment for the installation of the Wallbox with you.
How long installation takes depends on a few things at the location. The installation professional should give you a time estimation based on your Home Check. On average, you should calculate three to four hours for the installation and set-up of your Wallbox.
We recommend you have the site checked in advance to see how many wallboxes you can install at a single site. For this purpose, contact a trusted electrician and provide them with a description of your building project.
We are more than happy to help. Our installation range offers a professional installation service for private individuals. If you would like to install several wallboxes, we would initially recommend ordering only one wallbox from the installation service. Once our installation partner has gotten in touch, we recommend you clearly tell them in how many wallboxes you are interested in total. The feasibility of your building project can then be assessed as part of an on-site check. Afterwards, we then recommend you directly order the remaining wallboxes to your address without booking an installation.
Our wallbox does not require servicing. For models with Internet capability you can use your Charging App to individually install software updates on the wallbox, providing it has been connected to the Internet.
Given that building projects involving several wallboxes depend on individual characteristics, we are unfortunately unable to make a blanket recommendation. Accordingly, we recommend an on-site analysis by a qualified electrician.
However, generally speaking, the maximum number of wallboxes at a single site depends on the available connection output and a permit from the supplier (must be submitted by electrician). Our 3-phase wallbox generates 16 ampere/11 kW. In an ideal case, the connection output amounts to factor n. Alternatively, solutions including separate dynamic load management using power coils or DIP switches can dynamically or statically step down the wallboxes to prevent overloading. The charging capacity of your wallbox is reduced according to the setting.
To make it especially easy, you can book our standard installation package – including Home Check – when you purchase your wallbox. With this option, our installation partner will contact you by phone or email within 2 working days of you placing your order to arrange a date for the Home Check.

Charging & Operation

By using the app you can, for instance, get an overview of your charging history, manage your charging cards (RFID) and find public charging stations close by easily. Also, the app is important to keep your wallbox up to date. We constantly expand the features of the app to provide you with the best charging experience possible.
The Pro model features an MID-certified energy meter, thus enabling individual settlement per consumer.

Authorization of Charging Processes

Activate the private mode

As soon as you activate the private mode of your Wallbox, only those persons can use it as a charging station that you authorize to do so. For this, access your wallbox settings in the app and activate "Private mode".
If you have activated the private mode, the following options are available for charging.

Charge card (RFID)

You can start individual charging sessions by means of the supplied charge card. To do this, you must first pair the charging card with your wallbox. Please see here on how to do that.

Remote start

Soon you can manually start individual charging sessions via the app on your smartphone. This is especially handy if a guest wants to charge their car. For some models, this function is still being developed but as soon as it is available, it will be activated via a software update.
Two charging cards have been enclosed with your wallbox, providing it supports RFID.
You can activate them in the matching app and use them for your wallbox. Please note that the charging card brand must also match the app (e.g. an Elli card in the Elli app). Unfortunately you are unable to use third-party charging cards.

Energy Management

No. Currently, this additional service from Elli is not offered. However, you can enquire about this extra service e.g. during the home check or at a later time through our installation partner or your installer of trust. They will provide you with a corresponding quote.

This additional service consists of the hardware (CT coils) and its installation and setup. Whether you require dynamic load management and which CT coils could be best suited for you will be evaluated together with the installation provider. In most cases, you will require CT coils for dynamic load management if several large current consumers are present in the same power circuit and/or if there are several chargers that are to charge at the same time.
The perfect situation in terms of sustainability: The sun is shining and you want to directly use the sustainably produced power in your car or realize charging with excess power?
Our Internet-ready wallboxes feature EEBus communication which allows your charging station and photovoltaic installation to coordinate.
EEBus is an IP-based communication standard used by many home energy management systems (HEMSs) to manage power installations. Optimized charging is now possible thanks to a new software update (v3.8.12;v3.29.1). This means your wallbox can pair with the photovoltaic installation via an EEBus-enabled HEMS. 
Additional conditions for compatibility with a PV system
  • Your PV system supports communication via EEBus
  • You already have a HEMS (possibly already integrated in your PV control; best ask your electrician about this)
  • You have an internet-enabled Wallbox
  • Your wallbox is running on software version v3.8.12;v3.29 or higher
  • The electrical infrastructure of your house is designed accordingly. It's best to ask your electrician.
A Home Energy Management System is a system for planning and controlling energy usage in private households. As well as saving resources and being environmentally friendly, the goal is, for example, to reduce energy costs to a minimum and simultaneously ensure the energy requirements of the user – or to best distribute self-produced photovoltaic electricity. The system also ensures that the electrical installation at your home is not overloaded while using more flexible, easily controllable electrical equipment.
The standardised device language EEBus enables simple and direct data exchange between your home appliances. This enables you to intelligently control your daily power flows and save costs, for example.
This requires EEBus communication which is available on our Internet-ready wallboxes. If the latest version of the software is installed on your wallbox, you can intelligently manage daily power flows.
All our wallbox variants can optionally be equipped with dynamic load management*. Dynamic load management is a function that manages the wallbox's charging output according to the power currently available on site.
This means that if the rest of the building requires a lot of power, the charging output of the wallbox is dynamically adapted and your vehicle is charged with the remaining available output. Once the power consumption within the building decreases again, the charging output of the wallbox is once again increased. This type of "protection" consequently continuously monitors the load and adapts the charging output accordingly.
Click here for more information.
*Additional power measurement coils must be installed and cables routed to provide this functionality.

Troubleshooting - General

Of course, we will support you in case of problems with the billing. If the billing does not work, please contact our customer service by phone or e-mail.

Purchase & Payment Modalities

Yes, even as a business customer you can order one or more wallboxes in our online store.
Alternatively, you can also contact your contract partner for more information.
Payment of the purchase price is due immediately, at the latest within 14 days after the conclusion of the contract. The corresponding amount will be deducted from your specified account if you receive your order confirmation from us.
Yes. You have a 14-day right of withdrawal from the day your Wallbox is delivered.
Please let us know about your decision as quickly as possible so that there is the option of canceling your order before delivery or installation and thus keeping costs down for everyone involved.
The quickest and easiest way to do so is using our Contact form. Once you have opened the form, select "Cancellation/Withdrawal" as the subject. We will then send you an e-mail with a cancellation link (valid for 24 hours). We will refund the purchase price once you have confirmed the cancellation.

Please note: In the event of withdrawal, you will first receive a return label and then the refunded purchase price after we have received the returns.
As soon as you have completed your order in our webshop, you will receive an order confirmation from us. Afterwards, your order will be checked and you will immediately receive your order confirmation by e-mail. This includes our terms and conditions as well as a cancellation policy.

You will receive the invoice approx. 10-14 days after delivery or after installation by our installation partner

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