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In Ireland, funding for your private charging station is available from the national “Electric Vehicle Home Charger Grant” programme. This allows you to save up to € 600 on the purchase of a wallbox including installation service.

SEAI EV HOME Charger grant

Electromobility helps reduce CO2. It’s good for the environment – and thanks to state funding, it’s good for your wallet too. You can apply for financial subsidies for your private charging station and installation.

In Ireland, funding for your private charging station is available from the national “Electric Vehicle Home Charger Grant” programme. This allows you to save up to € 600 on the purchase of a wall box including installation service. Currently, all our models are grant eligible chargers. From January 2023 only Triple E registered Smart Chargers will be eligible. 

In case you want to apply for the SEAI EV Home Charger grant, please consider that you first need to receive the SEAI Letter of Offer before purchasing the Charger. Therefore, we recommend you to continue with the purchase as soon as you have this letter available.

That's how it works

Step 1 - Assessing requirements

Funding is available for residents and private homeowners, whether they own an electric vehicle or not. Unfortunately, the property cannot be associated with a previous EV home charge point grant payment.

Currently, all our models are grant eligible chargers. From January 2023 the EV Home Charger Grant Scheme will only support smart chargers registered on Triple E.

Electric Vehicle Home Charger Grant

Step 2 - Submitting an application

Simply complete the application form and submit this via the online platform. You will then receive confirmation of the finance (in the form of a letter of offer) and you will have six months from this point to install your charging station.

SEAI will be introducing the use of a Smart Charger product list to its EV Home Charger grant scheme from 1st September 2022 onwards. When applying online you will be able to choose a registered Smart Charger product or choose “other”. For our charger models please choose "other". 

SEAI Application Form

Step 3 - Ordering & submitting the application

Order your charging station and your installation service. In order to qualify for the subsidy, please note that you must not commence with the necessary work before the start date specified in your letter of offer. 

Once the installation is complete, you must ask your electrician to provide you with a copy of “Certificate number 3” and the hardware inspection report. Then take a photo of the installed charging station. Complete the “Payment request form” together with your electrician and submit it together with the aforementioned documentation and the proof of payment for the charging station and installation.

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Irish funding program

Elli has carefully researched and compiled the information for customers using various publicly available sources. The information provided does not claim to be a complete record for the customer and is only intended to provide the customer with an overview of the eligibility requirements. Elli is keen to point out that the individual funding programmes and conditions may change. The information provided above is correct as of August 2022.

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We regularly provide new software updates for our Internet-enabled wallboxes. To make sure that you never miss an update and that our IT systems can upload updates to your wallbox, it needs to be switched on, connected to the Internet, and you need to provide your consent in one of our charging apps.


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