Introducing our ŠKODA iV Charger from only € 479*

Always ready: the impressively simple, reliable and affordable charging solution for the parking space at home. Available with smart additional features.*Incl. VAT.

ŠKODA iV Charger

from € 479 (incl. VAT)

The entry-level model - our reliable, fast charger for your electric car

  • Up to 11 kW charging power
  • Integrated 4.5 m charging cable

ŠKODA iV Charger Connect+

from € 1,099 (incl. VAT)

The charging station with professional functions, e.g. for company car drivers

  • Up to 11 kW charging power
  • Integrated 4.5 m charging cable
  • LAN, Wi-Fi, LTE/4G
  • Control via app¹
  • Remote software updates²
  • Access protection with charging card
  • MID-certified energy meter
Tech specs and model comparison

Your Powerpass. Simple. Intuitive. Everywhere.

View everything at a glance

An overview of all your charging processes and PDF export functions. ŠKODA iV Charger Connect+ also measures and displays your energy meter data.


You can monitor the usage data by charge card and date.

Secure, restricted access

You decide who uses your ŠKODA iV Charger and when. You confirm software updates for your ŠKODA iV Charger whenever and however you like.

Remote controlled

Start and stop charging whenever you want. Even remotely.

A charging system that convinces.

Practical and fast

All chargers offer up to 11 kW charging power in the garage at home and charge up to 8 times faster than a regular plug socket. With the ŠKODA iV Charger Connect or ŠKODA iV Charger Connect+ model, you can activate the charger for specific users via app or charging card.

Comfortable and compatible

The ŠKODA iV Charger charges all current and future Volkswagen electric vehicles, and all electric vehicles from other manufacturers with a Type 2 connection. Just come home, plug in and charge.

Smart and connected

The ŠKODA iV Charger Connect and ŠKODA iV Charger Connect+ models connect to the Internet via WiFi - optionally also via LTE. This allows you to conveniently control your charger from anywhere.

Get your ŠKODA iV Charger professionally installed

We offer everything you need to start your electrifying future. With our standard installation package, you order a comprehensive installation. If additional modifications (e.g. dynamic load management, ground work or expanding the fuse box) are needed, you will receive an individual offer from our installation partner.


Volkswagen Group Charging GmbH Disclaimer

  1. ŠKODA iV Charger Connect and Connect+ are compatible with Powerpass

  2. We regularly provide new software updates for our Internet-enabled wallboxes. To make sure that you never miss an update and that our IT systems can upload updates to your wallbox, it needs to be switched on, connected to the Internet, and you need to provide your consent in our Powerpass. Information on our updates: